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 Hallo, welcome to our private medical facility focused on a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of diseases and musculoskeletal injuries.


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  Oldřich Jelinek, M.D., Ph.D., Jaromir Černý, M.D.



Orthopaedic and physiotherapy department  was established in 1993 as ”Health Center“ in Prague street 1b in Blansko  / former polyclinic Metra Blansko/. Care is provided by two physicians with II. postgraduate degree in orthopedics and traumatology from the I Orthopaedic Clinic of the Masaryk University in Brno, Faculty Hospital of St.. Ann.


Surgical procedures including total joint replacement and arthroscopy are performed by surgeons in private facilities over-standard type SurGal Clinic, Drobného 38, Brno and in the St. Anna Hospital Brno - www.surgalclinic.cz .

Physiotherapy is performed by qualified physiotherapists. Physiotherapy is equipped with a combined device Beautyline (electrotherapy and ultrasound) with pre-treatment defined diagnoses. Other treatment options - magnetic therapy, therapeutic exercise, bike exercise , reflex massage, manipulation, mobilization, soft techniques. The painful musculoskeletal problems  especially of the spine are possible to treat by applications of peat wraps in combination with massage or of Dorna and Breuss method or of massage with lava stones, you can also try special exercises - SM system. We offer also taping of the joints as prevention of joints damaging.




The modern ultrasound machine performs preventive care infant hip.



Ambulatory infusions perform treatment of painful musculoskeletal conditions.


Since December 2011 we own new device Masterpuls MP 100 elite edition for the treatment of musculoskeletal pain ”shock wave therapy“. The main indications for this device are shoulder pain / rotator cuff syndrome /, elbow / tennis or golferś elbow /, painful Achilles tendon, heel spurs, jumper's knee, etc. The treatment is possible only for direct payment / CZK 500 per session/. Try a modern method - the shock wave -  non-invasive method without complications. The success rate of 80%.




By car - from the center of Blansko - Horní Lhota direction through the street Pražská and then turn left to the way into factory  Apos Blansko. Before the gate you must turn to the left. You can park in front of the building or behind.

 By train - from Brno or Svitavy direction - exit Blansko main station and before station circular bus in Blansko links 221, 222, 234 - exit bus stop Blansko Metra station.

 By bus - from Blansko links 221, 222, 234 exit bus stop Metra, 235 exit bus stop Svitavská, from direction Boskovice, Rájec, Ráječko etc. link 234 exit Metra, from direction Lomnice, Žernovník, Černá Hora, Bořitov etc. link 235 exit Svitavská



Ordering - 516418785email address - ojelinek@email.cz, jcerny@email.cz


(please,  give us approximate time and day that suits you subscribe, we will try to respect that) 



Office hours -



Monday - 8,00-12,30  13,00-16,30

Tuesday - 8,00-12,30  13,00-17,30


Wednesday - 8,00-12,30  13,00-16,30


Thursday - 7,30-17,00 / Dr. Černý/


Friday - 8,00-13,00