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Total Knee Arthroplasty - new method, Visionaire, oxinium material


Visionaire - revolution in arthroplasty of the knee

Custom made femoral and tibial cutting block / after X-ray and MR/ is  used during the operation.

Advantages -

  • exact placement of femoral and tibial components of TKA
  • shorter operating time - low risk of infection, shorter time of anaesthesy
  • low risk of fat embolia and vein trombosis
  • short aftertreatment

www.visionaire.cz, http://www.surgalclinic.cz/res/file/visionaire-info-pacienti.pdf

This method is available , the price is cca. 25 000 Czech crowns - cca 1 000 Euro /+ the price for accomodation 18 000 Czk - 21 000 Czk - according to duration of the stay in hospital/


Special material of endoprosthesis (femoral part of total knee endoprosthesis, head of total hip replacement). Advantages - low friction, long survival of the endoprosthesis.

Price - 10 000 Czk +the price for accomodation